Sierra Euro hitch Bale forks

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Sierra Euro Hitch Bale Forks


This Euro hitch frame with removable galvanised head board and Conus 2 Tines, is the perfect implement for the front end loader of tractors. Quality durable construction makes moving hay bales around the farm, quick, easy and efficient.



- Comes with Conus 2 tines (1100mm over all length that leaves 1m protruding from frame)

2 conuse 2 bushes in frame appx 900mm apart


-The frame has removable galvanised head board, ideal for stacking up to the roof

-Quality durable  design and construction

-Box section frame is shot blasted and finished in automotive quality e -coat dipped finish. 


Specifications  Units
TARE Weight 93kg
Lifting Capacity 1200kg
Length of Bale Fork tines (Conus 2) 1000mm
Overall length including frame 1100mm
Width of frame 1220mm
Overall height of fork carriage including headboard 920mm
Fork spacing Adjustable 
Centres between lower bushes 200mm centres


Brand Sierra

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